How to Use Aloe Body Toning Kit Cellulite Treatment?

How to Use Aloe Body Toning Kit Cellulite Treatment?


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Aloe Body Toning Kit is an excellent 5 pieces collection with aloe vera, europian herbal complexes and natural warning agents to help reduce cellulite.


bath gele1. Step: Apply the Aloe Bath Gelee. The formula has to be rubbed in the skin with circle movements by using the natural loofah mitt. It boost blood supply and helps to relax. Chasing away stress and tension. After the cleaning don’t use body lotion!

Start with the cleaning 3 days earlier, before you start to using the toner.

body toner2. Step: Aloe Body Toner: Massage the body toner in to the skin. Apply it on your upper arms, upper thighs and abdomen. If your skin is sensitive you can use a soft material under the cellophane wrap. The body toner help to disappear the toxic agents deposited under the skin. Those deposits can be the result of improper blood circulation, or the body’s extremer water retention that was also cause by the growth of the cells. All those extra will be excreted through kidneys.

Wrap the body surface using several layers of cellophane and relax at least for an hour. The toner contains 2 heating agents: cinnamon oil and capsicum that will working under the wrap.

body conditioning creme3.Step: Aloe Body Conditioning Crème is a massage cream for other body parts where cellophane wrap can’t be applied the neck, breast, lower arm, lower legs. The crème regenerates skin, and destroys fat cells, transports the accumulated fluid among the tissues, promotes blood circulation.

You have to drink 3 liter more liquid what you use to drink. Daily recommended water intake is 1,5-2 liter, if you exercising have to be more.

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