Forever Freedom Aloe Vera Drink – Joint Health


Forever Freedom Aloe Vera Drink – Joint Health

freedomForever Freedom Aloe Vera drink combines important joint health nutrients Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and MSM  with forever patented stabilized Aloe Vera in a tasty, orange-flavored juice formula. Forever Living Products Company scientists ensured that it provides the recommended amounts of each of these important nutrients support for healthy joint function.

As Our body ages, it is less able to produce the natural elements that make up healthy cartilage, the smooth rubbery connective tissue on the end of bones.

These important nutrients have been researched for their potential ability to support healthy joints and cartilage .Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both part of the natural building blocks that make cartilage and have been used in Europe for more than twenty years to support healthy joints. These important nutrients may also lubricate joints, help cartilage retain water and minimize its breakdown. Chondroitin provides additional benefits by blocking the destructive enzymes that break down cartilage in the joint.

The other critical building block of cartilage is collagen. Both MSM and Vitamin C are essential for the formation of collagen. MSM is a natural sulphur compound that helps maintain the integrity of collagen. Scientists and physicians have known for centuries that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and critical for healthy collage formation, but it is only recently that scientists have uncovered that Vitamin C plays a role in nearly every step of collagen formation. Vitamin C is often depleted by stress high levels of physical activity and certain medications. It’s important to get enough Vitamin C on a daily basis to help support healthy joints.

There are other things we can do to minimize the effects of age and activity.

  • Regular strength training to support muscle tone
  • Daily stretching to promote flexibility
  • Maintaining a healthy weight to minimize the stress on joints, cartilage and bones -especially the knees
  • Consume a healthy diet including lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Take nutritional supplement that provides nutrients to help support healthy joints and cartilage

Forever Freedom is also available in a convenient, easy to-carry pouch – Forever Freedom 2 Go – so you can enjoy your favorite formula combined with pomegranate juice on the go.


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